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Alpsitec - Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Suppliers


Company : Alpsitec

Address 1 : Parc sud Galaxie

Address 2 : 7 rue des Tropiques

City : Echirolles

State :

Post/Zip Code : F-38130

Country : France


Phone : +33 4 76095000

Fax :


Email :


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Description :

Determinedly user oriented - for laboratories and emerging companies - our CMP machines, combined with coherent services contribute to ensure you implement your goals :


- reducing the time for production start up,

- perpetuating your industrial logic,

- reducing your capital expenditure,

- making your investment profitable,

- ensuring a constant quality.

Beyond the performance of the machine, ALPSITEC has developed a set of services to support you from the definition of your needs to production. It also enables you to perpetuate your investment.


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