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Mask Aligner

Mask Aligner

The NXQ7500 Mask Aligner combines an open architecture modular design with precision alignment and exposure features. It supports vacuum, contact and proximity printing and handles partial and whole substrates up to 200 mm (8) in diameter. The versatile NXQ7500 offers the most extensive printing possibilities of any aligner in its class, making it the choice

of Manufacturing Facilities, R&D Centers and University Programs around the world.


NXQ Advantage:


  • Automatic Alignment using Q-Vision pattern recognition software for both top and bottom side applications. Easy to use, recipe driven, storable formulas, fast and extremely accurate.
  • Precision Air bearing guide set never needs oil and is designed to eliminate any shifting during alignment. Air bearing frictionless leveling can level the smallest substrates keeping them parallel to the mask and includes automatic wedge error compensation.
  • Large, low profile, Scan Stage, fully motorized and coupled with +/- 1 inch Y microscope motion allows for flat alignment of wafer sizes from pieces to 200 mm (8) diameter and substrates up to 6 x 6 square.
  • Five (5) individual printing modes (Pressure Contact, Vacuum Contact, Proximity, Vacuum Calibration and Vacuum Proximity) are available by recipe selection with complete control of all parameters.
  • 7:1 Zoom (VideoView) Microscope allows extra long working distance, exact setting of the magnification/field-of-view and allows the mask and wafer to be seen at all times (Nominal spacing 40 mm-200 mm).


Features & Benefits:


  • Superior computer control of the printing chamber vacuum and contact force allows for control to 0.1 inHg and 0.1 psi. Perfect for fragile substrates, easily adjustable to high contact forces.
  • Open architecture allows the optical head to be moved completely away for simple topside mask loading and full viewing of the mask & wafer for coarse and special alignment requirements.
  • The Windows based GUI can be operated by touch screen allowing the operator complete process control over wafer leveling, print method, Recipe selection and storage of all process parameters.
  • Full continuous diagnostics screen displays all sensors, motor positions, valves, etc. and also allows manual control for testing and special processes.
  • Auto Load and Manual Load in the same machine allows for an instant switch to load pieces and for special alignments.
  • Four (4) separation gaps at the press of a screen button each individually set in the recipe and can be switched at any time during the alignment. Perfect for starting at a higher gap for coarse align, then switching to a lower gap for fine align.
  • Computer control of microscope illumination with mask and separation Recipe storage. Vital when changing separation gaps and for OBS alignment.
  • UltraSense constant intensity UV power supply with choice of UV exposure PSUs 200/350, 350/500 Watt and 500/1Kw
  • UV Collimation lens for improved printing resolution
  • Upgrade modules such as Auto Load and OBS can be added in the field.
  • Easy and quick change of tooling.
  • Shock Isolation table included




  • Robotic auto load handling allowing for various cassette/wafer sizes and storing of recipes.
  • MagnaView 5:1, the best splitfield optical microscope, on a mask aligner, in the world.
  • Topside microscope objective spacing to 15 mm (15 mm-175 mm).
  • Optical Backside (OBS) with objective spacing of 10 mm to 200 mm and Infrared (IR) backside with automatic focus to stored positions. OBS special processing is standard; Sobel filter, 2x zoom, three overlay methods and alignment offsets.
  • Large Gap Alignment.
  • NUV Hg (280 nm 350 nm) / DUV Hg-Xe (220 nm 280 nm) exposure optics.
  • Pulsed exposure timer sequencing.

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