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Mask Aligner

Mask Aligner

The NXQ4006 Mask Aligner combines innovative design with precision alignment and exposure features.

The versatility of the NXQ4006 has made it the choice of manufacturing facilities, R&D Centers and university programs around the world, for a wide range of technologies.


It supports both vacuum and contact printing and will process partial and whole substrates up to 150mm (6) diameter. 




  Substrate sizes from pieces to 150mm (6) diameter

  Manual X-Y joystick and micrometer theta alignment stage

  Easy manual tray-load for substrate loading / unloading

  Vacuum / Pressure contact exposure modes

  VideoView CCTV splitfield/ singlefield Video Scope with zoom

o   Objectives 2x, 5x, or 10x

  Simple topside mask loading

  UltraSense constant intensity UV power supply

  UV Collimation lens for improved printing resolution

  Shock Isolation table included as standard

  Easy operation- ideal for multi-user labs

  Low maintenance




  Infrared (IR) backside alignment

  Large Gap Alignment

  NUV Hg (280-350nm) / DUV Hg-Xe (220-280nm) exposure optics

  Manual micrometer for X-Y alignment

  MagnaView (optical) splitfield/ singlefield microscope

o   CCTV option for MagnaView microscope

o   Objectives 2x, 5x, 10x, or 20x

o   Eyepieces 10x or 15x

  Pulsed exposure timer sequencing



Print Modes

  Soft, Pressure or Vacuum modes

            Print Resolution                                            = / >1.0 microns*

            (with vacuum contact-)

  Substrate size                    from pieces 1sq cm, up to 150mm

            Alignment Stage

  Alignment Travel X-Y                         Manual Joystick

  Alignment Travel Theta                      Manual Micrometer

  Stage Scan                                         +/- 10 mm

  X-Y Movement                                   +/- 3.8mm

  Theta Rotation Range                         +/- 7 degrees

  Z Axis Shiftage                                   = / < .5 microns

  Mask/ Wafer separation                     0 180 microns

  Mask Size                                           2.5x2.5 up to 7x7

  Topside Alignment overlay*               1.0 microns

  Bottomside Alignment Overlay*         >2 microns     

* Operator/ process dependant


  Programming & Control                      PLC with LCD Display                                                   

      Intuitive operator Interface for menu driven operation

UV Lamphouse/ UV Exposure Optics

  UV Lamphouse                                   200/350W,350/500W or 500/1KW

  Exposure Optics                                 UV (350-450 nm) standard

  UV Uniformity                                     +/- 4%, 6 diameter field


System Requirements

  Voltage                                                110VAC,/60 Hz or 240VAC 50Hz

  Compressed Air                                  5.4 bar (80 PSI)

  Vacuum                                              -0.7 bar (21 Hg)

  Nitrogen (or CDA)                               3 bar (40 PSI)


System / Module Data

  W x D x H                                           ~.1220mm x 915mm x  1423mm

(48 x 36x 56)

  Weight                                                 217Kg  ( 480 Lb)




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