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Company : Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

Address 1 : 575 McCorkle Blvd

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City : Westerville

State : OH

Post/Zip Code : 43082

Country : United States


Phone : 6148912244

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Description :

Since 1968, Lake Shore Cryotronics has been a leading developer of higher performance tools used for the characterization of materials in temperature and magnetic environments. The company philosophy has been to continue to reinvest in itself with a research and development budget that is 100 percent above the national average for instrumentation companies.


Lake shore manufactures and advances line of Hall effect measurement systems, and cryogenic micro-manipulated probing stations. The fully integrated Hall effect measurement systems are used to characterize physical properties in semiconductors, as well as other electronic materials including magnetoresistors, multilayer magnetic films, dilute magnetic semiconductors, superconductors, and spintronics devices. Available in a variety of electromagnet-based configurations ranging in field up to 2 T or a powerful 9 T superconducting magnet-based configuration, Lake Shore HMS are ideally suited for the most demanding materials research applications, product development, and quality control. The unique ability to measure a very wide mobility range and resistances to 200 GΩ set the Lake Shore HMS aside from other commercially available HMS. An assortment of options further expands the functionality of Lake Shore HMS.  


Lake Shore micro-manipulated probe stations are used for nondestructive testing of devices on full and partial wafers up to 102 mm (4 in) in diameter. They provide a platform for measurement of magneto-transport, electrical, electro-optical, parametric, high Z, DC, RF, and microwave properties of materials and test devices. Nanoscale electronics, quantum wires and dots, semiconductors, superconductors, and spintronic devices are typical materials measured in a Lake Shore probe station. Probe stations are available in flow cryostat or cryogen free closed cycle refrigerator (CCR)-based designs. Horizontal field electromagnet and superconducting magnet-based and vertical field superconducting magnet-based systems are available to expand the functionality of your Lake Shore micro-manipulated probe station beyond typical cryogenic probing. Field upgradeable options include lower base temperature capability, high vacuum, and load-lock configurations. The high vacuum options ensures that condensation does not accumulate in the sample environment during cool down and load-lock allows sample exchange without warming the radiation shields or breaking vacuum, significantly improving efficiency and throughput. Load-lock also allows samples to be exchanged under controlled environmental conditions. A wide selection of probes, cables, sample holders, and options makes it possible to configure your Lake Shore probe station to meet your specific measurement applications.


Additional Lake Shore products include the most comprehensive line of cryogenic and magnetic measurement instrumentation and sensors available, vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) systems, a superconducting magnet power supply, electromagnets and electromagnet power supplies. Contact Lake Shore or visit their website to learn more. Their industry leading experts are on hand to address your needs.





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