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Company : TPT Wire Bonder GmbH & Co.KG

Address 1 : Nussbaumstr.1

Address 2 :

City : Karlsfeld / Munich

State :

Post/Zip Code : 85757

Country : Germany


Phone : +49-8131-58604

Fax : +49-8131-58654


Email :


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Description :

Since 1996, TPT has designed and manufactured a range of manual and semi-automatic wire bonding machines.  

Innovation: TPT introduced the worlds first wire bonder capable of either Wedge or Ball bonding, simply by the change of its bond tool.


Quality: TPT is a privately owned company, with the goal of providing the highest quality wire bonding equipment for the semiconductor and microelectronic industries.

 Location: TPT is located in the high tech area of Munich, Germany.


 TPT bonders are used all over the world in Universities, Colleges, Institutes as well as by leading manufacturers of semiconductors, aersospace and medical devices, to name but a few.



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