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Prime Drives, LLC - Direct Drive Servo Suppliers


Company : Prime Drives, LLC

Address 1 : 115 Phelan Ave

Address 2 :

City : San JOse

State : CA

Post/Zip Code : 95112

Country : United States


Phone : 408-993-0202

Fax :


Email : 408-993-0123


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Description :

Prime Drives, LLC is introducing its new line of user-customizable Direct Drive Servo Motors. The DS series offers customer choices including: customer  selectable motor windings, various feedback devices including resolvers, encoders or simply hall-effect sensors. 


Customers can select the encoder resolution and determine final product cost and configuration by limiting resolution in applications which do not require 3 arc-sec repeatability and thus reducing cost of the Direct Drive System. 


Prime  Drive customers also can select motor windings which enables designer’s to select a low  cost DC servo amplifier further reducing system costs or engineers can determine that a 220-440 VAC servo amplifier is required for higher speed and current.  


In either case,  Prime Drives offers a solution unique to your specific application.  We also package the  DS Series of Direct Drive motors with digital amplifiers satisfying the need for system  convenience.  packaged digital drive and amplifier and for a Direct Drive Servo

 application or determine that 220-440 VAC and lower current requirements achieves their design parameters.


Visit our website to view your Direct Drive speed/torque curve.



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