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Primaxx Inc. - Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Suppliers


Company : Primaxx Inc.

Address 1 : 7377 William Ave., Ste. 800

Address 2 :

City : Allentown

State : PA

Post/Zip Code : 18106

Country : United States


Phone : +1 610-336-0314

Fax :


Email :


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Industry Memberships:
SEMI Member


Description :

Primaxx is the world leader in reduced pressure, residue-free MEMS dry etch release, a critical buried oxide etch step which "releases" the moving components of challenging MEMS device designs. Combining anhydrous HF gas and alcohol vapor at reduced pressure provides a wide, stable process window that can address different oxide compositions and thicknesses while maintaining high selectivity to other common materials found in MEMS designs including aluminum. The Primaxx process also eliminates stiction, a yield-killing phenomenon which can bind the moving components of MEMS devices when released with conventional wet processing technology. Primaxx designs, manufactures, and markets the broadest range of MEMS dry etch release products, from lab systems to multi-chambered cluster tools for high volume production. Primaxx also supplies products that utilize a unique process for specialized thin film deposition - Liquid Source Misted Chemical Deposition (LSMCD) is a patented process for depositing thin, conformal layers of liquid precursor onto substrates (often with submicron surface features) to form high quality films of polymer, ferroelectric, dielectric and opto-electronic materials.


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