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FINE Co., Ltd. - Pipe / Tubing / Hose / Pigtails / Flanges Suppliers


Company : FINE Co., Ltd.

Address 1 : 940-5, Suwolam-ri, Seotan-myun, Pyeongteak-city

Address 2 :

City : Gyeonggi-do,Pyeongtaek-city

State :

Post/Zip Code : 451-852

Country : Korea, Republic Of


Phone : +82 31 663 0076

Fax :


Email :


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- Byproduct coming out of semiconductor process gases often clogging problem inside the pipeline. Heat up your pipeline and maintain it at a constant temperature level for smooth gas flow. "FINE" HEATER JACKET System provides customized solutions to each of your fab and you'll be satisfied with reduced downtime & better process yield.


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