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Logitech Ltd - Polishing Jigs Suppliers


Company : Logitech Ltd

Address 1 : Erskine Ferry Rd

Address 2 : Old Kilpatrick

City : Glasgow

State :

Post/Zip Code : G60 5EU

Country : United Kingdom - [view global branches]

Phone : +44 (0)1389 875444

Fax : +44 (0)1389 890956


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SEMI Member

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Description :

Lapping and polishing machines allow you to smooth and polish the surface of any solid material to your specifications. As a global leader in materials processing and surface finishing technology, our lapping and polishing machines allow you to finish any surface to nanometer thicknesses. Whatever your needs, there is a Logitech high-precision cutting, lapping, polishing or chemical mechanical polishing solution for your business.

Logitech lapping and polishing machines aid in improving production times, researching process technologies before moving to large scale production, and increasing the accuracy and repeatability of lapping and polishing processes.

All our cutting, lapping, polishing and chemical mechanical polishing machines and equipment are delivered within a "system package". This will include the equipment and technology transfer, the provision of hands-on training and expert after sales support. We also ensure that we keep close to our research roots by continuing to develop our expertise in all aspects of materials processing.




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