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ANNEALSYS - Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) - Rapid Thermal Processors Suppliers



Address 1 : Bat T2, PIT de la Pompignane

Address 2 : Rue de la Vieille Poste

City : Montpellier

State :

Post/Zip Code : 34055

Country : France - [view global branches]


Phone : +33467202363

Fax : +33467202689


Email :


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Description :

Annealsys manufactures Rapid Thermal Processing and Chemical Vapor Deposition equipment for R&D and production applications.
Annealsys provides worldwide sales and service.

RTP systems are available for wafers up to 200 mm for RTP and RTCVD processes. Cold wall chamber, lamp furnace, high temperature (>1500°C) and custom features are available.
MOCVD systems include 2-inch (RTP capability), 4-inch and 200 mm machines dedicated to metal and alloys, oxides, nitrides, carbon nanotubes and other materials.
2-inch spray CVD system with in-situ annealing capability and LPCVD furnaces are also available.
Annealsys represents Cambridge Nanotech for ALD systems and Intercovamex for sputtering and evaporation systems.