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Nye Lubricants, Inc. - Chemicals Suppliers


Company : Nye Lubricants, Inc.

Address 1 : 12 Howland Road

Address 2 :

City : Fairhaven

State : MA

Post/Zip Code : 02719

Country : United States


Phone : (1) 508 996-6721

Fax : (1) 508 997-5285


Email :


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Description :

Nye Lubricants formulates, manufactures, markets and sells high-quality synthetic lubricants (greases & oils), thermal coupling compounds, and index-matching optical gels. Founded in 1844, Nye’s history is one of continual adaptation to market needs.

Nye services and custom-formulates lubricants for a broad range of industries, such as automotive, office automation, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace, defense and High-Brightness LED markets.

In the semicon industry, Nye offers vacuum and cleanroom greases designed to improve the performance and extend the operating life of high-speed bearings, linear guides for motion control, vacuum pumps and other components. Lubricants today must be able to handle higher loads, higher temperatures, extend component operating life and improve productivity, while eliminating or minimizing airborne molecular contamination. Nye offers the widest and most comprehensive range of lubricants to the semicon industry.



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