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Voltaix, LLC - Chemicals Suppliers


Company : Voltaix, LLC

Address 1 : 197 Meister Ave.

Address 2 : PO Box 5357

City : Branchburg

State : NJ

Post/Zip Code : 08876-6022

Country : United States


Phone : +1 908 231 906

Fax :


Email :


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Industry Memberships:
SEMI Member


Description :

Voltaix, Inc. develops, produces, and distributes specialty gases and chemicals that support semiconductor customer requirements ranging from R&D to full scale manufacturing. Key products such as diborane, germane, disilane, silicon tetrafluoride, germane and methylsilane are in wide use throughout the semiconductor industry. In addition, Voltaix produces a number of isotopic and deuterated variants of diborane, as well as a range of advanced CVD precursors.