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Sunsonix - Substrate Cleaning Suppliers


Company : Sunsonix

Address 1 : 859 Pheland Ct

Address 2 :

City : Delmar

State : CA

Post/Zip Code : 12054

Country : United States


Phone : +1 408 515-8585

Fax :


Email :


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Industry Memberships:
SEMI Member


Description :

SunsonixTM is a technology company providing proprietary biodegradable and biocompatible cleaning solutions, advanced surface conditioning, and enhanced processing to photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers.  Aside from being eco-friendly, SunsonixTM technology, referred to as Creative CleaningTM, is directed at reducing costs of the PV cell and the corresponding manufacturing process while simultaneously improving power output.  Sunsonix Creative CleaningTM presents the first commercially viable methodology in the PV manufacturing segment to address trace contamination, which can result in poor photovoltaic efficiency as well as susceptibility to further efficiency decay when exposed to sunlight after field installation.  For more information, please visit



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