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ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH - Wafer Handling Equipment Suppliers


Company : ProTec Carrier Systems GmbH

Department : 17404

Address 1 : Birlenbacher Strasse 19-21

Address 2 : P.O. Box 223527

City : Siegen/NRW

State :

Post/Zip Code : D-57078

Country : Germany


Phone : +49 271 8904115

Fax :


Email :


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Description :

The capabilities of ProTec include development, analysis, production and refurbishment of process parts out of ceramics, metals, quartz, plastic and also with all coatings. We have developed a new cluster tool for dry etch wafer thinning as well as for stress release processes. Also we provide transfer e-chucks which are developed for secure handling of thin wafers down to a few microns.

ProTec offers solutions for handling and processing thin substrates based on its proprietary technology of Transferable Electrostatic Carriers


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