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SPS Ltd - Wafer Handling Equipment Suppliers


Company : SPS Ltd

Address 1 : Aghmhor Annex

Address 2 : Whitmuir

City : Selkirk

State :

Post/Zip Code : TD7 4PZ

Country : United Kingdom


Phone : +44 (0)1750 725712

Fax : +44 (0)1835 822 055


Email :


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Description :

SPS is a full-service distributor of small equipment, tools and consumables used in semiconductor fabrication, MEMS, & Biotechnology, including wafer handling, wet processing, photolithography, CMP and Etch / PVD / diffusion areas. We supply a range of Equipment and Consumables including:


  • Manual wafer handling Vacuum Wands, manual Aligners and Transfer systems, wafer Escalators, and a range of LED Inspection Lamps.
  • Automated wafer handling tools including Aligners, Transfer systems, ID readers, Sorters, and custom engineering.
  • Robotic wafer automation – including specialist Thin-Wafer handling capabilities.
  • Wafer Cassettes & Storage Boxes in a full range of SEMI designs and materials. Wafer Shipping containers (Jars, Canisters, Foams Tyvek® etc), and single wafer shipping and storage containers. WAFERS:
  • We supply a wide range of II-VI, III-V and specialist substrate materials for Universities and R&D or low volume specialist manufacturing. WET PROCESSING:
  • DI Water & Chemical Heating systems, Flow Control & Measurement for all chemicals including CMP slurry. An extensive range of Process Tanks (PTFE, PP, PVDF, Quartz), chemical Pumps, Valves and Fittings.
  • Spin Processing systems from small tabletop Spin Coaters to fully integrated Spin-Processing Stations with automated tracking dispense, and custom systems for large format FPD and specialist applications. We also supply "In-Deck" versions for OEM's and for integration into existing wet benches.


  • Mask Aligners & UV Light Sources, bench-top small R&D systems, cassette-to-cassette Automated systems, and large format FPD aligners. We also supply Nano-Imprint modules, as well as a range of UV Meters & Analyzers including meter Calibration services.

We also have a range of high quality Stepper compatible Reticle Cases.


  • For Diffusion Furnaces we supply Heating elements, Vestibule Blocks, Soft Collar insulation materials, and a full range of Gas Filters.
  • For Etch, PVD/CVD, & RTP robots, we supply End-Effector wrist upgrades – eliminating end-effector "droop", and long-lifetime Ceramic Bearing Upgrades for reducing downtime and improving cleanliness.


  • CMP Retaining Rings and Conditioning Disks, Head Motor Refurbishment, as well as OEM-approved upgrades for slurry Flow Control, and other quality upgrades including VME & Pneumatics boards.


  • Dicing Film Applicators, UV Curing Systems and Die-Matrix Expanders, as well as consumable Dicing/Grinding Films (standard/UV), Grip Rings, Film-Frames, and their respective Shipping Containers.
  • Wafer Probe Cleaning Sheets. Tyvek® is a registered trade mark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


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