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Mactronix, Inc. - Wafer Handling Suppliers


Company : Mactronix, Inc.

Address 1 : 2050 N. Plano Rd.

Address 2 : 300 Mactronix Plaza

City : Richardson

State : TX

Post/Zip Code : 75082-4430

Country : United States


Phone : +1 972 690 0028

Fax :


Email :


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Industry Memberships:
SEMI Member


Description :

Analysis/Measurement: Defect Detection, Other. Assembly/Hybrid Equipment: Automation & Robotics. Consulting: Automation, Equipment & Control, Robotics, Wafer Handling. FLAT PANEL DISPLAY (FPD) - Clean Room/Handling Storage: Handling/Transfer/Robotics. Process Equipment: Automation & Robotics, CAM/CIM, Cleaning Equipment, Cluster Tools, CVD, Diffusion/Oxidation/Annealing, Dry Etch Systems, Handling/Transfer/Linear Motion Systems - 25 and 50 wafer mass transfer, solid source mass transfer, back to back mass transfer, wafer sorter, wafer lifter, wafer counter and aligner, automatic wafer sampler, inspection and microscope, programmable wafer sampler, microscope, 2 cassettes, bright light, loader and unloader, video 2 stage and video 3 stage. 2, 4, and 6 cassette wafer sorting stations with O.C.R. and bar code reading, Inspection Equipment, Measurement Equipment, Wafer Identification, Wet Etch Systems, Flat aligners, slide transfers, and bright light and microscope loading. Notch aligners and cassette/boat pick-up handles. Process Materials: Test & Inspection. Wafer Handling/Storage: Boat handles.


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