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KBTEM-OMO RUS&PE - Wafer Inspection System Suppliers



Address 1 : 2 Partizansky Avenue

Address 2 :

City : Minsk

State :

Post/Zip Code : 220763

Country : Belarus


Phone : +375 172-2261205

Fax :


Email :



Industry Memberships:
SEMI Member


Description :

Processing equipment: Laser pattern generators (for PCBs and HDTV including); photorepeaters; photomask laser repair systems; wafer steppers, LCD stepper; single-/double-side contact/proximity aligners. Inspection and measurement equipment: mask/wafer flatness inspection systems; mask/wafer defects detection systems; wafer/mask CD measurement systems; coordinate measurement systems; microscopes. Optical components and units: lenses (including diffractional aspherical lenses), prisms and plates, microlens elements, raster scales, two-raster units, diffraction gratings and focusers, non-polarizing beam splitters, polarizers, bifocal spheroprismatic elements, spherical air bearings. A wide range of coatings, including transparent coatings in UV range; polarizing , interferentional, metal mirror coatings.


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