Auto Accident Claim Precautions


When it comes to auto-accident claims, following the rule is very essential. And the first and foremost rule is that the protocols in place for filing an auto accident claim starts right after the accident occurs.

We spoke to John Price Law Firm to learn more and given as many people are ignorant of this fact makes it possible for them to unintentionally sabotage their claim. Here are some things one must avoid when it comes to preserving your auto accident lawsuit.

Do not apologize

Apologizing to victims after an accident is human nature – but one that should not be exercised after an auto accident. Doing so might be recorded as an implication of you actually being at fault and admitting your guilt. Insurance companies can definitely take such statements and turn them into a legitimate admission of guilt.

Get medical treatment as early as possible

In case you have sustained any injuries in the auto-accident, make sure to seek and receive medical treatment as soon as you possibly can. If you delay your treatment, the insurance company might try to weasel out of the situation by claiming that the injury was a personal one that did not happen because of the accident. By getting treatment early, you create a documented proof in the form the medical record – one that cannot be contested legally. Plus, it erases any room for reasonable doubt.

Refrain from giving recorded statements

In any legal situation, the things you say can be used against you, and auto accident lawsuits are no exception to this rule. While insurance companies might try and have you make a recorded statement, you are well within your rights to refuse the offer – and definitely should.

While the purpose of it might look like they want to gather more facts, the reality is that they want to trick you into saying something that they can use against you and prevent you from successfully getting your claim. In case you have been contacted by an insurance adjuster or company, have your attorney represent you and speak with them on your behalf.

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Make sure to get adequate legal representation

Making an auto accident claim is a legal process – and one that involves several intricate details. Given as most people are not legal professionals, they are bound to mess things up when trying to navigate their way alone. Therefore, it is imperative that you have an experienced auto accident attorney representing you to act in your best interests.

Do not post on social media

When you post on social media about your accident, it becomes a digital proof, and one that any insurance company can use against you. Make sure to refrain to post anything like statuses and pictures, and do not tag yourself to the location. Many claims adjusters are known to lurk online, find social media posts, use them as a way to discredit claims.


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